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    Sierra Mazateca Premium Salvia Foliage

    Salvia is rapidly being made illegal in many states across the United States (including ours), but it's still legal to buy it from venders in some states so, we now offer this:

    Complete your purchase here for everything EXCEPT Salvia products using this coupon code: NOSALVIA08. It gets you FREE SHIPPING here, and once your purchase is complete fromour shop, then use this link to BUY SALVIA ONLINE from our most trusted vender. By clicking any of the Salvia links, they will know you came from here, your order will get expedited processing, and we get to continue helping to spread the word of Salvia.

    YOU CANNOT ORDER SALVIA FROM US ANYMORE. DO NOT ADD SALVIA TO YOUR CART HERE!These are high quality Salvia divinorum leaves, organically grown, pesticide-free, mostly unbroken whole healthy specimens from a private farm. These Salvia leaves have a very sweet scent, most of the stems are removed (that means more leaf), and they are blessed by a Mazatec Shaman before they leave the farm. Tested to consistently possess considerably higher levels of salvinorin per gram; averaging around 4mg-5mg. We have had many customers try the Bali Salvia, only to return to this gold standard for quality.

    Not for human consumption.

    This sacred sage plant is also known by many names; it has been used by the Mazatec Indians for thousands of years for purposes of divination; the leaves are often made into something called a “quid”, which is simply fresh Salvia divinorum leaves rolled into a smaller size, and chewed for 15 to 30 minutes. The size of the leaves can vary greatly; leaves larger than an average size hand are common, but they reduce to about 1/8 of their original size when dried. This salvia leaf is also shade dried to preserve more of the original coloring of the leaf; they tend to be greener than the common Oaxacan variety that most shops offer.

    For use as an incense component only.

    (1 oz) PHL-1OZ Your Cost:

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