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    Kratom Resin Pies (36 Grams)

    Only freshly picked Kratom leaves Mitragyna speciosa are used to produce our new and approved Kratom Extract Pies, this guarantees the fresh unique taste. This new and approved extract is a step above the resin extract we offer elsewhere on the site, both in quality and ease of use.

    Each of these new Kratom resin pies is an average weight of 36-41 grams; however we have priced this item based on the low side of 36 grams. Some pies will be a little heavier than 36grams of course, and this should be considered an extra bonus for you.

    Produced from boiling fresh Kratom leaves in water then the liquid is reduced until it forms a very stable resin extract. Kratom is traditionally ingested as a tea in its native Thailand, doses ranging from 5 to 25 grams. The effects last for 4 to 8 hours. In low doses it induces mild euphoria and reduces fatigue giving the drinker higher energy and the ability to concentrate better. At strong doses (15 to 25 grams) the effects are very euphoric and immensely pleasurable according to the local population of Thai Kratom users.

    The Kratom leaves used to make our Kratom Extract are hand collected from remote Kratom trees in a conservational and sustainable way in which the trees are "pruned" of their leaves which in turn causes the tree to produce more leaves without damaging them. Many of the Kratom cuttings are then replanted and will grow into new trees for the future. Psychoactive Herbs offer the highest quality Kratom Extract you can buy and other natural healing herbs.

    As usual, we care deeply about where we purchase our products from, how they are harvested, and who actually harvests the plants. We will not purchase from anyone who exploits indigenous workers, who strips the land, or who isn't properly registered with the FDA. Unlike some others who care only about how much product they can push, we are here to spread the work about this amazing Kratom plant, without stripping the Earth in the process. When you purchase from us, you are also purchasing the comfort that our products will not only be of consistent quality time after time, but you will also know that everything from the seedling growing out of the land to your hands was done with the utmost of care.

    But, we offer this extracted plant material strictly for external use only as an exotic incense. Not for human consumption.

    (36 grams) KPI-36G Your Cost:

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